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Air lines of public interest for faster development and new investments in Southern and Eastern Serbia

The Government of Serbia has adopted the Decision on the introduction of air lines of public interest on the initiative of the territories of Southern and Eastern Serbia, aimed at faster economic development of this region, and through more efficient traffic connections with European cities.


The decision on the introduction of lines of public interest is in line with the regulations of the Republic of Serbia, harmonized with the regulations of the European Union. The basic criteria for the establishment of lines of public interest, which is achieved in the region of Southern and Eastern Serbia, is GDP per capita below 75 percent of the average GDP of Serbia and the unemployment rate above the average. In southern and eastern Serbia, there are 30 municipalities that are underdeveloped (a degree of development below 60% of the on average on the national level) and 15 that are considered devastated areas (a degree of development below 50% on average on the national level).


The need for the introduction of air lines of the public interest arises from the fact that there is no developed fast rail or road infrastructure as an alternative that would allow the region to connect with the countries of the EU and the region with an average travel period of less than three hours. These criteria will be satisfied only with the establishment of air-lines of public interest, which will contribute to increase the competitiveness of this region, enable better connectivity with European industrial centers, attract new investments, reduce unemployment, strengthen links with the diaspora and contribute to the development of tourism, as well as the overall raising the quality of life of citizens in this part of Serbia.


Targeted directions were determined on the basis of analysis and proposals of the City of Nis, and the Government of Serbia provided RSD 600,000,000 in the budget of the Republic of Serbia. This money is set aside for reimbursement of costs to airlines selected at an international public call for the airline service from Nis on lines of importance for the development of the region for which there is no commercial interest and which are not operated by any airline.
As lines of public interest the following air lines have been established:














An air carrier that will fly on public interest lines shall be selected by public invitation on an international tender in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement, and shall provide general and special conditions that the Bidder must fulfill. In addition, the criteria treat the financial and technical part of the offer, or the quality of the service.

The city of Nis is the administrative and regional center of Southeastern Serbia and the traffic hub, in which, besides crossing road and rail Corridor 10, there is an international airport that last year welcomed more than 350,000 passengers. The area served by the Konstantin Veliki Airport covers 10 districts in Southern and Eastern Serbia with a total of 1.78 million inhabitants (Pomoravlje Region, part of the Bor Region, Zajecar, part of Raska Region, Rasinski, Nisavski, Toplicki, Pirotski, Jablanicki and Pcinjski region), as well as the region of Kosovo and Metohija. The service area of ​​the airport, except the territory of the Republic of Serbia, includes a part of Northern Macedonia, as well as the territory of western Bulgaria.