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Mihajlovic in Bajina Basta: Flood damage is three billion dinars, we will fix everything

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, phD, visited today the landslide in Ovcinja near Bajina Basta with the mayor of Zlatibor district, Boban Perisic, the president of the municipality of Bajina Basta, Radomir Filipovic, and the director of PE "Roads of Serbia" Zoran Drobnjak. The landslide is located on the state road that connects this municipality with Valjevo.


On this occasion, Mihajlovic told all citizens of Bajina Basta and Zlatibor district that everything that happens to us as a state and society, whatever the problem, we will solve it together and the state will do its best to repair every landslide, bridge and road.


"No one will be cut off from the world. At this moment, about 120 km of roads on the territory of Serbia are still impassable due to floods. It is estimated that the damage is around three billion dinars. "Everything we will continue to do will last at least 50 years, we have also changed the laws so that what is being built now will be protected from floods," said Mihajlovic.


She announced that a tunnel through Kadinjaca would be built next year, as well as Skelani bridge, and that guarantees were provided in the state budget for that.


"We continue to work on the construction of the highway to BiH, from Pozega to Kotroman. We will do everything so that this area has what it needs the most, and that is infrastructure, so that people can work and stay and live there with their families," she said.


Boban Perisic stated that due to the floods that occurred at the end of June, a state of emergency was declared in three municipalities - Arilje, Kosjeric and Bajina Basta, and that a tour of the terrain determined that the situation in Bajina Basta was the most difficult.


"We addressed the Government of Serbia. We expect help with fuel, in order to solve the problems. The most critical is in the village of Kostojevici, where 900 m of roads disappeared, and over 20 families were cut off from the world. The negative impact is primarily on agriculture, because our people live from raspberries. "We will solve it soon and thank you the Deputy Prime Minister and the director of "Roads of Serbia" for their help and quick reaction," he said.


The president of the municipality, Radomir Filipovic, thanked Minister Mihajlovic, who quickly responded to the invitation.


"Alone, without the help of the Government, we cannot cope with these adversities. The Ministry of Transport is important to us here, as well as "Roads of Serbia". We need a lot of mechanization, to put everything in order and finish the raspberry season.


Zoran Drobnjak said that this section would be completed in three and a half months.


"We have a serious job ahead of us. We will first make a new retaining wall so that the road can be renewed later. We need a month and a half for the project and two more for the realization ", he said.