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Mihajlovic: If we are ninth in issuing construction permits, we can be in the top 10 on the entire Doing Business list

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic PhD., said today that by improving the rating from 48th to 44th place, Serbia achieved a good result on the World Bank's Doing Business List, but that the goal must be among the top 10 countries in the world on this list.

"As I said last year that there was no room for apathy when the rating on this list went down, so now that we have advanced four places on the World Bank list there is no room for euphoria. I have an ambition to make Serbia in the top 10 on the Doing Business list, and from Monday we will start working on adopting an action plan on how to achieve that goal,” she said at the conference where the new edition of Doing Business List was presented.


Mihajlovic, who is the chairwoman of the Joint Group for the Advancement of the Republic of Serbia on the World Bank's Business Conditions Ranking list, Doing Business, emphasized that “if we are ninth in the world in construction permits, then this is the proof that we can be in the top ten in other areas as well. "

“We owe a special thanks to NALED, with whom we have worked together on this since 2014, but also to the Ministers of Economy, Finance and Energy, who have realized that there are no obstacles we cannot overcome to move forward. At the end of last year, we succeeded in changing seven laws and passing an important regulation, thanks to which we have this result today,” Deputy Prime Minister added.


Mihajlovic said that in the coming period, Joint Group will continue to work together with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance to further improve business conditions, and that the issue of lower placement in the category of starting a business will be resolved.

“Putting basketball and volleyball aside and Novak Djokovic, this is the list in which Serbia is ranked best in the world. This list is the most important for our economy and that is why we should all work together to be even better next year,” she said.

Mihajlovic added that Serbia, with Croatia, is the only country in the region that has made progress on the Doing Business list this year, and reminded that Serbia is competing with the most developed countries in the world today on this list.

Regional Manager of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for Central and Southeastern Europe, Thomas Lubek, congratulated the Government of Serbia team on the progress made on Doing Business List, where he particularly highlighted the area of construction permits.


British Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Sian MacLeod, said UK supports Serbia in advancing its economy and welcomed the success of Serbian Government in modernizing public administration and developing e-government, as an area in which the country supports the implementation of reforms.

Serbia has advanced four places on Doing Business List and is now ranked 44th out of 190 countries in the world. The best placement by category is in the issuing of construction permits, where Serbia is 9th in the world, which is an improvement of two places.

Compared to its neighbors, Serbia is ahead of Bosnia and Herzegovina (90th), Albania (82), Croatia (51), Hungary (52), Romania (55), Montenegro (50), Bulgaria (61) and Greece (79), with Slovenia (37) and Northern Macedonia (17) being ahead of us.