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Mihajlovic: Majur is getting a high-speed road and a new gymnasium

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic PhD., visited today the Local Community of Majur in Sabac and on that occasion talked with the Head of the Macvan district, Vlada Krasavac and the Mayor of the Municipality of Majur, Ivan Neskovic, about infrastructure projects important for this region.


Mihajlovic stressed that it was not the first time she visited Majur and that the ministry she chairs, helped settle the road crossings and railway station in this town, but that after 20 years the locals of Majur got paved streets.


"The reason why I am here today is that in a few months we are going to build a high-speed road from Sabac-Loznica and the citizens of Majur will have a direct access to that road. We will start the works first on the bridge over Sava River in Sabac. Also, we will soon begin the reconstruction of school and gymnasium in Majuru, attended by 880 students who currently have physical education class in their classrooms. We have allocated 131 million dinars for this, "she said.


Mihajlovic said that the Serbian government does not distinguish the citizens for who they are voting for and that they are there to work for all citizens of Serbia, so that people in every part of the country can live well.


"We are pursuing a responsible policy, in which all citizens of Serbia are equal, regardless of the city in which they live and for whom they vote," she said.


Vladan Krasavac, head of the Macvan district, said that today's visit of Deputy Prime Minister Ms. Mihajlovic is an indication that the Serbian government takes care of all citizens and recognizes and solves their problems.


Ivan Neskovic, Mayor of the Municipality of Majur, thanked Deputy Prime Minister for her help, saying that at the meeting there were words about the infrastructure needs of the locals of this region, and that it would be of particular importance to build a high-speed Sabac-Loznica road.


Slobodan Birmancevic, national envoy from Sabac, thanked deputy prime minister for assistance and support on behalf of the citizens of this city, pointing out that new projects that the Government and the Ministry will start mean a lot to the citizens of Sabac and the Macvan district.


"We have made several roads connecting Sabac with Loznica and Koceljeva, asphalted the streets that were waiting for 20 years, taking into account the needs of citizens. Now we are waiting for new projects, above all the construction of a bridge over Sava and a fast road from Sabac to Loznica, " he said.


Mihajlovic per her visit to Majur, used the opportunity to see the paved street of Travnica and on that occasion spoke with the locals of this local community.