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Mihajlovic on Morava Corridor: The first section from Pojate to Krusevac will be finished by the end of the next year

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Prof. Zorana Mihajlovic, PhD, visited today the works on the construction of Morava Corridor, on the section Pojate-Krusevac and on that occasion pointed out that this section, 27.8 km long, will be completed by the end of next year.

Mihajlovic said that these challenging times caused by the corona virus, which will last, are looking for brave and courageous people who can work on such projects, that our construction workers are, as well as brave and quality partners, such as the American and British embassies and brave and hard-working local governments like Krusevac.

"We are talking about the most grandiose project in Serbia, because it is not just about the highway, but about the most modern digital road and river regulation, so three projects in one. "I am proud of the fact that we work and learn from the best, and I am even more proud that we will have completed this section of 27.8 km by the end of next year," she said.

Mihajlovic added that Morava Corridor does not only connect Serbia, ie Corridor 10 and "Milos the Great", but also enables us to connect with the region.

"There is nothing more important than good infrastructure and connecting the region, which our president Aleksandar Vucic is working on all the time. We must continue to work and my appeal to all construction companies is to protect workers, but to do everything to make construction sites work, because that means the survival of our economy. "It is not easy anywhere in the world, but with an active working population, we will go through this inevitable crisis with the least problems," she said.

The tour of the works was also attended by the Mayor of Krusevac, Jasmina Palurovic, the US Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Anthony Godfrey, and the Deputy Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Rebecca Fabrizi.

US Ambassador Godfrey said that he was proud of the cooperation with Deputy Prime Minister Mihajlovic and the Ministry, and congratulated all partners on their commitment to this project.

"Highways are changing Serbia for the better and will help it remain an important factor in the region and Europe. This corridor is important for further economic development and is a significant signal to investors. It is also important that we use it to solve river regulation and flood protection. I will continue to monitor the realization of the project until it is completed. "The United States is proud of its partnership with Serbia in its economic development," Godfrey said.

Deputy British Ambassador, Rebecca Fabrizi, reminded that this project is financed by one of the oldest British financial organizations.

"With this project, we want to open the way to future cooperation on large and ambitious projects that the Government of Serbia is implementing and is still planning. We want to deepen that cooperation, because we appreciate the partnership and cooperation with the Ministry. We want to have a role in the development of Serbia," she said.

Mayor of Krusevac stated that this highway is a decades-long dream of people of Krusevac and that the city has done over 2,500 expropriation solutions, which enabled the works to start according to the agreed dynamics.

"A great thing for Krusevac and its surroundings. Our city will prosper, a lot of foreign companies work here, as well as a lot of smaller entrepreneurs who employ a lot of people. And by regulating the river, we will also protect farmers, "she said.

Ozger Inal, deputy project manager and construction site manager, addressed Bechtel on behalf of the company, and said that a lot of activities have been carried out since the beginning of the year - from the construction of the camp, geohydrological works, defining materials, selection of local contractors.

"This project is important for Serbia and the region, and we will do our best to implement it with quality," he said.

The head of the project from "Corridors of Serbia", Leonid Vukovic, stated that today we are on the future traffic loop that will connect Krusevac and Morava Corridor, and that the section from Pojate to Krusevac is 27.8 km long, and the total length of the Morava Corridor is 112 km.