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Mihajlovic: Only when a woman is free is the society advancing

 "The obligation of all of us in leadership positions is to create the space for women to work and progress. Only an economically independent woman is free, and when a woman is free, then the society is progressing, "said the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and the president of the Coordination Body for Gender Equality, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic PhD, at the International Women's Day - "Women who built our city".


Mihajlovic said that today we are celebrating women who designed and built Serbia and added that gender equality represents a struggle for equal conditions for all, both men and women, and congratulated March 8th to all, saying that there is no development of a society if there is no equality and if we are not together in that fight.


"I therefore call on men to get involved in the fight for women's rights, because it is good for all of us on the road to the rule of law. There is no future nor development unless everyone contributes to the fight for greater rights of women. The support we receive from the European Union on this path speaks in favor of Serbia getting closer to European standards, "she said.

Deputy Prime Minister added that women are not sufficiently represented on this day and that it is important that gender equality is measured through the employment of women and the day-to-day fight against violence.


Sem Fabrizi, head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, said that this year's campaign is called "Think equally, build smart, innovate for change" and that this is the moment to think about what we can do tomorrow and all the next days, and not just on March 8th.

  "I am encouraged by the spirit that exists in Serbia on the issue of gender equality, because it says that Serbia shares the values of the European Union. I congratulate the Government of Serbia on the goal of achieving the goal of equal society. The EU will continue to support your efforts, "he said.


Frederic Mondoloni, the French ambassador to Serbia, said that women are not well-known in the economic sphere, and that this is also seen through architecture.

"It is important to emphasize the contribution of women at a time when nowhere in the world is their visibility sufficient. France supports Serbian government in the fight for greater rights of women, "Mondoloni said.


Tracy Galager, Deputy Ambassador of Great Britain to Serbia, pointed out that women architects are celebrating today as the inspiration to the generations of women and girls, not to give up if they find themselves in front of constraints.

Milena Zindovic from the Women's Architectural Society said that this year's International Women's Day is dedicated to women who built Serbia. On five buildings in Belgrade, today, there are boards with QR code, and that readers can find out the information about the women who were projecting them.


The QR code is located on the building of the "Kralj Petar Prvi" primary school projected by the first woman architect in Serbia, Jelisaveta Nacic, Nikola Tesla Electrical School and the First Belgrade High School projected by the architect Milica Krstic, as well as the Veterinary and Teacher Training Faculty projected by Jovanka Boncic Katerinic.