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Mihajlovic at the opening of the Transport Community Headquarters: Serbia is the center for Transport and Connectivity of the Region

Deputy Prime Minister, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic PhD., together with Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, European Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc and the Head of EU Delegation, Sem Fabrizi opened the seat of the South Eastern European Transport Community in Belgrade.

The opening ceremony of the headquarters of the first European institution in Serbia was also attended by Director of the Transport Community Secretariat, Allen Baron.

“Today is an important day not only for Serbia, where the headquarters of the Transport Community is located, but for the whole region, because our goal is to work together and connect with one another. Transport is the most powerful weapon for all our citizens, to develop and live better, for new investments and for a better standard," said Deputy Prime Minister Mihajlovic.


She emphasized that transport is not just roads, railroads, asphalt and stone, but that it primarily means peace, stability and prosperity.

"This is a big step on the road to the European Union and Serbia is one foot in the Transport Union as of today. Through the Transport Community, as the first European institution in our country, we will contribute to connecting the region, but also to removing non-physical barriers at our borders. Thank you to Commissioner Bulc for all her help and support throughout this time so that we can get stronger and be more connected,” she said.

Prime Minister Brnabic emphasized that the opening of the Tourist Board in Belgrade is a great honor for our country, but also a sign of great confidence.

"Transport Community Secretariat is another symbol of progress and a confirmation that the region's place is at the heart of Europe. Our countries are bound by history, but also by a bright future,” said Brnabic.


European Commissioner Violeta Bulc, stressed that today's event is a sign of political will and only the beginning of further co-operation.

“Transport connectivity means cooperation, peace and hope. This is the first time that the Western Balkan countries have direct access to the European single market. The Secretariat will help reduce project costs and attract new investment. This is a hub that will allow EU countries to connect with the Western Balkans region,” she said.

Head of the EU Ambassador to Serbia, Sem Fabrizi, said that the Union is investing enormous energy in transport and that it is also affecting the Western Balkans, where 15 billion euros have been invested.


“Congratulations to Serbia for hosting the first international institution in the country. Thanks to the commitment of Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlovic and Commissioner Bulc, we now have the seat of the Transport Community in Belgrade. This is a great responsibility, but also an opportunity for both Serbia and the whole region, " Fabrizi said.

Allen Baron added that it had been a long time working to set up the TC Secretariat and that it was a community of ideas and goals in which all the countries in the region were participating.

“The Secretariat will support the countries of the region in the preparation and implementation of projects. Our goal is to strengthen the connectivity of the region, but also to strengthen the transport system that is in line with EU standards,” Baron said.