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Mihajlovic: Zrenjanin as one of the centers of the new investment cycle, next year construction of the highway to Belgrade

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of construction, transport and infrastructure, prof. Zorana Mihajlovic PhD., visited Zrenjanin today with Ministers of economy and youth and sports, Goran Knezevic and Vanja Udovicic, and held a meeting with Mayor and representatives of the Central Banat District on topics of traffic and communal infrastructure, legalization of facilities and promotion of women's sport.

Mihajlovic said that only in the reconstruction and maintenance of the road network in this district in the year of 2019 will be invested 2.5 billion dinars, and that today with Mayor of Zrenjanin and the presidents of the municipalities of Zitiste, Nova Crnja, Secanj and Novi Becej they talked about projects important for the citizens of this region.


"Zrenjanin is one of the most agile and worthy cities when it comes to the area of ​​the ministry that I am leading. Today, we discussed road, rail and communal infrastructure, this year we are finalizing project-technical documentation for the IV phase of construction of the bypass around Zrenjanin. Zrenjanin is one of the points of the new investment cycle, since next year we will begin construction of a highway from Belgrade to this city. We will help the Municipality of Nova Crnja to get drinking water, while we will help other municipalities in the reconstruction of important roads, "she said.

Ms. Mihajlovic thanked Zrenjanin for participating in the organization of the European Basketball Championship, which is being held in our country at the end of June, adding that this city has allocated the most funds for the competition in relation to Belgrade and Nis.


Vanja Udovicic, Minister of Youth and Sports, pointed out that there are no privileged for the Government of Serbia, that both north and south of the country are equally important and that we are solving the problems that affect the citizens in the field versus from the office.

"Zrenjanin is one of the most active local self-governments, we have great cooperation, especially in the area of ​​youth policy and youth employment projects, of which we are proud. We are reconstructing the stadium in Zrenjanin and working together on the organization of the European Championship for women basketball and I am sure that we will show Europe and the world that Serbia is a country of sports, "he said, thanking Deputy Prime Minister, Ms. Mihajlovic ,for supporting women's sport.

Cedomir Janjic, Mayor of Zrenjanin, thanked Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for their visit and a constructive meeting on which the realization of projects important for all local self-governments of this district was agreed.


"We have made good agreements today and I am sure that we will implement all projects on time," Janjic said.

Snezana Vucurevic, head of the Central Banat District, said that today's visit of Deputy Prime Minister, two ministers and their associates is an honor and privilege for the district, and thanked Deputy Prime Minister Mihajlovic for recognizing the administrative districts as relevant partners.

"Today's meeting is a proof of the dedicated and responsible work of the Government of Serbia, to which every local government is important. We opened up and specifically discussed the problems and needs of the citizens of the Central Banat District, "she said.


Before meetings with district representatives and Mayor of Zrenjanin, Deputy Prime Minister Mihajlovic and Ministers Knezevic and Udovicic visited the construction of the by-pass around Zrenjanin, as well as works on the reconstruction of the City stadium.

On that occasion, Mihajlovic stressed that it had to be built faster and that it was unacceptable for the contractor to bring the machines today, that next time she will come unannounced to visit the site. She expects the investors of "Roads of Serbia" to examine the dynamics of the works on the bypass.