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16.04.2020. - 14:51

Mihajlovic: International traffic works, supplying of our citizens is in the first place

16.04.2020. - 14:32

Mihajlovic: Batrovci-Kuzmin section is completed, infrastructure projects do not stop

14.04.2020. - 09:50

Mihajlovic with "Roads of Serbia" and "Corridors of Serbia" on infrastructure projects during epidemic: Construction does not stop

13.04.2020. - 15:42

Mihajlovic: Thank you to the Chinese Railways workers for their solidarity, friendship and great help

08.04.2020. - 16:14

Mihajlovic with railway companies on the repair of damage and work during the epidemic

07.04.2020. - 21:36

Mihajlovic: Thank you to all for following the recommendations, let's remain in solidarity

07.04.2020. - 21:31

Mihajlovic: 2.500 workers are working on infrastructure projects, the first casualty of corona virus in railway sector

07.04.2020. - 21:23

Mihajlovic: Nowadays transportation has become a pillar of diplomacy

04.04.2020. - 11:04

List of petrol stations on TRANSIT routes in the Republic of Serbia operating in the regime from 00-24 hours for the supply of fuel to motor vehicles that are in TRANSIT through the Republic of Serbia

03.04.2020. - 13:31

Mihajlovic about construction of Cortanovci tunnel: Workers are also heroes of the epidemic