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19.03.2020. - 15:54

Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade is not closing, as of today all commercial international flights have been suspended

19.03.2020. - 09:52

Mihajlovic: Let's be responsible and in solidarity because this will take time, transport is a priority

17.03.2020. - 12:21

Mihajlovic: It is recommended that outdoor construction sites work with maximum protection of workers

17.03.2020. - 10:08

Decision on the declaration of COVID-19 disease caused by infectious virus SARS-CoV-2

13.03.2020. - 15:15

Mihajlovic: Public health is number one priority, the state is responsibly approaching the crisis

12.03.2020. - 15:20

Mihajlovic: Public health is a priority, let's act responsibly

12.03.2020. - 14:46

Mihajlovic to drivers: Time for responsible and serious behavior, three seconds for a life

12.03.2020. - 08:37

Mihajlovic in Uzice: We will first finish the bypass around Cacak on the highway to Pozega

12.03.2020. - 08:12

Mihajlovic on Corona Virus: Let's act responsibly, respect the word of professionals and doctors

11.03.2020. - 11:08

Mihajlovic and Falconi on Metro Construction and Gender Equality in Serbia