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Construction of Zeljelj Bridge and Dismantling of the Temporary Bridge MD 88



 "Infrastructure of  Railways of Serbia", which assumed the rights and obligations of the "Railways of Serbia" j.s.c., based on the Contract on the Transfer of the Contract, on January 26 th 2016.



Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the City of Novi Sad in relation to 2/3 and 1/3 and the Government of the Republic of Serbia



AZVI S.A. (Spain) in a consortium with Taddei S.p., A. (Italy) and Horta Construction Coslada S.L. (Spain)



"ENCODE" d.o.o. Belgrade - Damir Peco, B.Sc.

"DEL ING" d.o.o. Belgrade - Aleksandar Bojovic, B.Sc.


Project description:

The bridge is located on the route of the international railway Belgrade - Novi Sad - Subotica - State border (Kelebija), from km 75 + 083 to km 75 + 557 (Corridor X b) and is an integral part of Belgrade - Budapest railroad project.

  The projected bridge is 474 meters long and 31 meters wide. It contains two railway tracks for speeds of 160 km / h, two traffic lanes for road traffic of 7,7 m wide and two pedestrian bicycle paths with a width of 2,5 m.

  The project is realized through two contracts between the Investor and the Contractor:

  • Lot 1 - EU Delegation, which includes procurement of materials, production of all steel elements and transport to the construction site in Novi Sad
  • Lot 2 - APV + GNS, which includes the construction of five pillars of the bridge, assembly of steel elements that make up the small and large arches of the bridge, installation of hangers, piercing arches on the projected position on the pillars, construction of a concrete slab of the bridge, construction of a railway line with all SS, and electric power plants, construction of a roadway with all its transport infrastructure, as well as dismantling of the temporary MD 88 bridge.


Significance of the project:

The project is of great strategic significance, since the construction of the Zezelj bridge enables:

  • Connection of the left and right bank of Danube River
  • A wider water supply on Danube River waterway in Novi Sad (Corridor VII)
  • Realization of the project of modernization and reconstruction of the Hungarian-Serbian railway on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.


Project status:

On 07.04.2018., regular railway transport was established on the bridge. In the period after the establishment of railway transport, the remaining works were completed, and at the end of May 2018, pedestrian and bicycle routes were ready for traffic.


On September 1st, 2018 road traffic was established, when lighting system was installed on the bridge.


After the transfer of road traffic from the temporary assembly demounting road railroad bridge MD 88 in Novi Sad to the new bridge, the conditions for the commencement of its dismantling have been met. In the beginning of October 2018., one bridge and one pillar, which was located on Novi Sad side, was dismantled, which enabled the rehabilitation of the city road - Belgrade Quay, which was put into traffic on December 28th, 2018.


In the period between October-January, the water level of Danube was extremely low, and the dismantlement continued to the end of January 2019. On March 24, 2019, the steel structure of the bridge was completely removed.

Four pillars and 24 reinforced concrete piles in the 1500 mm diameter river are under construction. According to the dynamic plan, the works should be completed by the end of June.


Physical Realization: 98.50% (Zezelj Bridge is completed, including the technical acceptance, the difference up to 100% is the dismantling of MD 88, which is in progress)

Financial realization: 96.54%


Completion of the project:

September 2019 (after the expiration of the warranty period).