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Dear all,


You have before you the new book of infrastructural projects in Serbia of total value of 14.7 billion Euros. Some of the projects are currently in progress and now you have a chance to get acquainted with the latest projects that will be carried out in the future period of time.


When we finish our work related to the projects, we will have before us a different, more modern, more successful and more organized country that will be fully incorporated into the infrastructure of the European Union. The finalization of the projects from the area of railways, roads, waterborne transport and air transport will mean that Serbia has fulfilled its mission and become an integral part of Europe.


For the first time you have in front of you projects that will be carried out in very important areas of gender equality and projects for a more complete and more thorough Roma integration in Serbia. This is why these projects represent 'the strength and soul' of our country. You now have a chance to participate in these projects and take part in the creation of a new page in our history book. I invite you to be our partners in the creation of modern European Serbia.


We build all our roads, railways, airports and ports so that other nations of Europe can meet the culture and tradition of Serbia, meet the magnificent soul of our country and our people. That is why we have given you a part of our soul in the new book of projects through the motives and details from our national costumes that Serbia is famous for. It is a part of our history our ancestors bequeathed to us so that we can hand it down to our grandchildren. We do all this for future generations to whom we wish to leave a better and a more successful country. We hope to be remembered by that. That is why I invite you to build European Serbia together with us as our partners.



Deputy Prime Minister,

Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure,

Professor PhD Zorana Mihajlovic