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15.05.2020. - 13:23

Mihajlovic in Kragujevac: We are building 1,000 apartments, Kragujevac-Batocina road will be ready in September

13.05.2020. - 20:03

Mihajlovic: Green corridors are important, due to long waiting times at the borders a loss of 300 million euros a year

13.05.2020. - 19:59

Mihajlovic: We will reconstruct Kula-Vrbas road worth 5 million euros

12.05.2020. - 13:30

Mihajlovic: Donation of 8.3 million for Belgrade metro, there is no going back now!

12.05.2020. - 13:06

Mihajlovic on regular air traffic: Agreements on protection measures for passengers are still ongoing

11.05.2020. - 16:29

Mihajlovic: Serbia's goal is to be in the top five countries in the world in terms of conducting business

11.05.2020. - 12:44

Mihajlovic: Investing in environment and environmentally friendly infrastructure is the key to economic recovery

11.05.2020. - 12:39

Mihajlovic: Serbia is ready, regular air traffic after the agreement with Europe

09.05.2020. - 18:35

Mihajlovic: Flights from "Nikola Tesla" Airport from May 18th

07.05.2020. - 11:39

Mihajlovic: Maintenance of roads at the beginning of the season, and not as before, in August