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Department for waterways transport and navigation safety




Department for waterways transport and navigation safety carries out activities related to the preparation, monitoring and implementation of laws and other regulations and initiates changes and additions to legislation in the field of waterways transportation and navigation safety; planning and developing of the waterways transportation and navigation safety; strategy and plans for the development of the waterways transport; initiating the development, monitoring and implementation of the multilateral and bilateral agreements in the field of water transport; cooperation with international organizations in the field of waterway transport; preparation of the opinion on the materials prepared by other agencies and organizations within the domain of the Department; preparation of the responses to the ministerial questions; preparing analysis, reports and information from the scope of the Sector; monitoring of the projects related to the construction and reconstruction of the navigation safety and regulatory work on the inland waterways with a goal of increasing safety of navigation; contractual and legal relations in the waterways traffic; audit on the river- border crossings in the cooperation with other competent authorities; tracking the movement and retention of the vessels; issuance of the ship documents and books, issuance of the identity cards and other documents for the crew members of the vessel; registration of vessels, maintenance of registers and records of vessels: vessels, crew, sailing, state navigable waterway and navigation safety; carrying out technical and other professional tasks of navigation safety; establishing the ability of boats and floating structures; collection of the statistical data on waterway transport; giving opinions and guidance on the law appliance in the field of water transportation and navigation safety, and performing other tasks within the domain of the Department


Waterways and Navigation Safety Sector performs tasks in the Ministry headquarters and the regional offices for the territory of several municipalities and cities in the area – in the port authorities and their offices.


Waterways traffic and navigation safety Sector formed the following internal units: