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15.02.2020. - 15:12

Mihajlovic congratulated all citizens of Serbia on National Day

15.02.2020. - 08:10

Mihajlovic: Reform of Roads of Serbia is necessary for further development and more efficient work

14.02.2020. - 09:15

Mihajlovic with Russian Railways: Instead of diesel, we will make gas locomotives

12.02.2020. - 09:12

Mihajlovic on RTS: Without solidarity, women will not have greater rights

12.02.2020. - 08:28

Mihajlovic: By implementing the reforms, Serbia has shown that it has its place among the best

11.02.2020. - 08:06

Mihajlovic in Vranje: Apartments for army and police force in March, another 32 million for infrastructure projects

11.02.2020. - 07:56

Mihajlovic: Gornji Milanovac to get the access to Highway Milos the Great

11.02.2020. - 07:51

Mihajlovic: The arrival of the US Development Fund confirms the stability of Serbia

04.02.2020. - 14:00

Mihajlovic and Godfrey: Infrastructure is the best way to connect the region

03.02.2020. - 14:11

Mihajlovic: Full support to the relevant authorities in the fight against corruption