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05.05.2020. - 15:30

Mihajlovic ahead of the Western Balkans Summit: Serbia remains committed to a European path and values

05.05.2020. - 15:27

Mihajlovic: High-speed railway line from Belgrade to Stara Pazova will be completed by the end of the year

04.05.2020. - 19:47

Mihajlovic: As of today, more than 3,500 intercity lines are re-established in Serbia, we have started coming back to life

30.04.2020. - 21:51

Mihajlovic and Hargitai: Continued support for EBRD projects in the field of transport

30.04.2020. - 21:41

Mihajlovic: I love that I live in Serbia

30.04.2020. - 21:34

Mihajlovic: Serbia ready to open air transport, we are negotiating with Europe

30.04.2020. - 21:24

Mihajlovic: The danger has not passed, I believe in citizens and responsible behavior

29.04.2020. - 11:24

Mihajlovic: Construction did not stop, it will help us in economic recovery

29.04.2020. - 11:14

Mihajlovic: Serbia ready to launch air traffic on May 18th

29.04.2020. - 11:00

Mihajlovic: Serbia is opening up, but be responsible because the danger has not passed, we must learn to live with the virus