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27.04.2020. - 19:06

Mihajlovic: Intercity traffic from next week

27.04.2020. - 19:01

Mihajlovic and China's ambassador on Belgrade's bypass: Completion of works in less than two years

27.04.2020. - 18:57

Mihajlovic on the occasion of World Pilot Day: Thank you for being with your country in the most difficult times

24.04.2020. - 09:38

Mihajlovic: International freight traffic is vital, support for faster recovery of passenger transport

24.04.2020. - 09:34

Mihajlovic: After the pandemic, we will have to change our policies

22.04.2020. - 16:52

Mihajlovic: High-speed railway line from Belgrade to Novi Sad by October 2021

22.04.2020. - 16:40

Mihajlovic: Workers are heroes of our society, construction sites in Serbia did not stop during the epidemic

21.04.2020. - 16:12

Mihajlovic: Serbia did not stop during pandemic, workers are the heroes of our society

18.04.2020. - 10:11

Mihajlovic: All construction site workers are the true heroes of our society

17.04.2020. - 09:54

Mihajlovic congratulates Easter to Orthodox believers: Let's take care of each other!