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25.03.2020. - 11:28

Mihajlovic: First estimates of the damage to traffic and infrastructure exceed 110 million euros!

25.03.2020. - 09:18

Mihajlovic: I urge companies in the field of transport, construction and infrastructure to work together to create a realistic plan for recovery after the epidemic  

25.03.2020. - 09:06

Mihajlovic: Roads are passable, there is no delay in the transportation of goods

24.03.2020. - 19:45

Mihajlovic: Another flight to Paris this afternoon to bring back our citizens

24.03.2020. - 08:10

Mihajlovic: We take care of all our citizens, sending planes to bring them back to Serbia

23.03.2020. - 15:28

Mihajlovic: More than 20,000 trucks with goods passed through Serbia to supply citizens of our country and the region

23.03.2020. - 15:21

Mihajlovic: More than 1,500 workers are working on construction sites of major infrastructure projects in Serbia  

22.03.2020. - 15:23

Recommendation to investors to maintain certain level of works on construction sites and to provide protection to all workers

20.03.2020. - 16:04

Mihajlovic: Thank you to those citizens who respect Government's decisions, I ask others to do so as well

20.03.2020. - 15:39

Ban on intercity bus, rail and water transport of passengers