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National Urban Forum

Considering the 12th World Urban Forum which will be held in Cairo, Egypt, in November 2024, Agency for Spatial and Urban Planning of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, City of Niš, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities – Association of Towns and Municipalities of Serbia organize National Urban Forum which will take place in April 2024 in Niš, in partnership with the Office of United Nations Resident Coordinator in Serbia, United Nations Human Settlements Programme – UN Habitat and World Bank, with a support of Science and Technology Park in Niš and Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs – SECO. National Urban Forum, which, among other things, prepares national actors for participation in the World Urban Forum, will gather many participants coming from the public and private sector, academia, research institutions, civil society, economy, international institutions, as well as foreign participants, the main topic being “Localization of Sustainable Development Goals and Monitoring of Urban Development in Serbia”.

The goal of the forum is to review key topics and activities in the field of urban development, through the lens of multi-level urban governance with a special emphasis on the local level. A special focus within the plenary session of the forum will be on the monitoring and implementation of sustainable development goals in local self-government units, as well as the connection with their monitoring and implementation at the state and global level. Special aspects of urban development will be discussed through parallel sessions, namely: Green Agenda and urban development, Urban governance and digitalization, Architecture, urban culture and social aspects of urban development. Particular attention will be paid to the institutionalization of urban monitoring at the local level, the role of young people in urban development and the importance of exchanging experiences in the field of urban development at the level of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus macro-region and Central Asia.

Conceived in this way, the National Urban Forum contributes to the establishment of a wider dialogue with the aim of better formulating and implementing public policies in the field of urban development, while enabling participants to gain insight and get the opportunity to contribute during the forum to better implementation, monitoring and evaluation of urban policy on multiple levels, in a comprehensive way. The National Urban Forum aims to contribute to urban settlements in Serbia being as sustainable, inclusive, resilient, and safe as possible, all with the aim of better quality of local activities for sustainable cities and communities, which is the theme of the Twelfth World Urban Forum. National Urban Forum aims to contribute to greater sustainability, inclusiveness, resilience and security of urban settlements, all with the aim of better local activities for sustainable cities and communities, which is the topic of the 12th World Urban Forum.

Registration for participation in person is mandatory at the following link.

To follow the Forum on-line (the plenary sessions, as well as one special and one parallel session), please register using following links:

Day 1: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_V6WYIk_jQ4Wjq2gkWurfkw
Day 2: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_WyGiYugeTCm1B8QmOHjnKg