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Department for Inspection Activities for Navigation Safety

In the Department for Inspection Activities for Navigation Safety, inspection activities are carried out to ensure the safety of navigation in the area of ​​their competence related to: inspection supervision of the implementation of the provisions related to the safety of navigation; input-output audits at river border crossings in cooperation with other competent authorities; monitoring the movement and retention of the vessel; participation in surveys when there is a deviation; monitoring changes in international and domestic regulations in the field of internal and maritime navigation; taking administrative and other measures; giving opinions, conditions and consent for carrying out works on inland waterways; cooperation with companies, other bodies and organizations in the field of water transport; maritime traffic management (VTS), preparation and processing of data, keeping records of ships and other vessels and records of vessels, crew, navigation and state of the waterway and navigation facilities, as well as marine navigation facilities; implementation of the war regime of navigation and taking measures in extraordinary circumstances (search and rescue, etc.), as well as other tasks from the scope of the Department.


Inspection operations are carried out in areas of territorial jurisdiction of captains:

1. Port Authority Prahovo;

2. Port Authority Kladovo;

3. Port Authority Veliko Gradište;

4. Port Authority Smederevo;

5. Port Authority Belgrade;

6. Port Authority Pancevo;

7. Port Authority Sremska Mitrovica;

8. Port Authority Senta;

9. Port Authority Novi Sad;

10. Port Authority Titel;

11. Port Authority Bezdan;

12. Port Authority Apatin.