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The Department of Spatial Planning

The Department of Spatial Planning, performs duties relating to: the compliance of the planning documents on the spatial planning documents of the wider area; preparation of the draft of the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia, the Regional Spatial plan and Special Purpose Area Spatial plan, on consideration and decision to the Government; making decision of preparing the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia; giving an opinion on the decision to a draft of the Regional Spatial Plan and the Special purpose Area Spatial plan; expert review of planning documents and programs for their implementation; making proposition of the Members of the Commission for the plans; the drafting of the Program implementation of the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia; consideration of the report of the Agency for Spatial Planning of supervision use of the funds allocated to the company or other legal entity who is assigned in accordance with the conditions prescribed the preparation of spatial planning documents; performing other tasks within the purview of the Department.