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Group for Normative Affairs and Analytics

Group for Normative Affairs and Analytics in the field of planning and construction performs tasks related to: analysis of the system of a unified and formal database in procedures of unified procedure and improvement of procedures in a unified procedure, preparation of expert bases for drafting laws and proposals of sub-legal acts ; drafting of laws and by-laws in the field of construction affairs, implementation of unified procedures and legalization; resolving complaints against decisions on determining land for regular use of buildings and on building plot construction; making an analysis of the situation and updating the database for monitoring and analyzing the situation; proposing measures to improve the system; coordination of tasks between competent authorities and holders of public authority in the performance of the tasks of a unified procedure; Providing expert assistance to autonomous provincial bodies and local self-government units in law enforcement; giving opinions to the draft laws and other acts whose proposers are other state administration bodies from the scope of works of construction, consolidated procedures and legalization; consideration of objections and opinions of other bodies on draft laws and proposals of other regulations; documentation mapping, documentation and procedure movements, studio analytical work related to the establishment of a strategy and development policy; coordination with local self-government units in order to collect reports and systematize reports for the purpose of implementing the Law on the legalization of buildings; collecting and systematizing data in the process of conducting the inventory of illegally built objects; consideration of objections and opinions of other bodies on draft laws and proposals of other regulations; preparation of proposals for answers and opinions on the request of the Constitutional Court, as well as proposals for the answer to parliamentary questions related to the implementation of laws in this area; submission of periodic reports to the Government of the Republic of Serbia; coordination with local self-government units and holders of public authorizations in order to conduct training and training in the process of issuing electronic building permits; analysis of available resources and potential of national importance, directing activities for establishing methodology for planning, improvement of strategic projects of national importance; development of current and strategic analyzes and analyzes of the impacts and effects of laws and bylaws as well as monitoring the implementation of adopted programs with the aim of improving the situation in the field of construction, as well as other tasks from the scope of the Group.