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State Roads Inspection Department

In the State Roads Inspection Department the following activities are carried out: inspection supervision over the enforcement of laws, other regulations and general acts in the field of roads, traffic signals, as well as accompanying road equipment (stops, stations and fuel supplies, ); taking administrative and other measures; filing a request for initiating a misdemeanor procedure; filing charges due to a commercial offense or a criminal offense; monitoring the status and occurrence of significance for the realization of legality and undertaking initiatives for appropriate amendments to laws and bylaws; supervision over the work of the provincial administration bodies in the performance of entrusted tasks from the scope of the Department; participation in the work of the expert council, as well as other tasks from the scope of the Department.

The tasks from the scope of work of the Department for Inspection Affairs of State Roads are performed at the headquarters of the Ministry and in;

1. Regional unit for Sumadijski, Pomoravski, Podunavski and Branicevski administrative districts, with headquarters in Kragujevac;

2. A regional unit for Borski and Zajecarski administrative districts, headquartered in Zajecar;

3. The regional unit for Pirot, Nisava, Toplica, Jablanica, Pcinja administrative district, as well as Kosovo, Pec, Prizren, Kosovo-Mitrovica and Kosovo-Pomoravski administrative district , headquartered in Nis;

4. Regional unit for Zlatibor and Moravica Administrative District, with headquarters in Uzice;

5. Regional Unit for Raska and Rasinski Administrative District, headquartered in Kraljevo.