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Bypass around Belgrade - Sector C

Project carrier: 

Ministry of construction, transport and infrastructure

Project title: 

Bypass around Belgrade - Sector C


PE "Roads of Serbia"

“Infrastructure of the Railways of Serbia”


„Power Construction Corporation of China“


Traffic Institute CIP, Belgrade

The significance of the project: 

The project is of strategic importance. This traffic corridor is of great importance for the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade and Pancevo. A special problem for Belgrade is the development of road and rail transport in the direction of Banat over the Pancevo road and rail bridge on Danube. Road transit passenger and freight traffic takes place through busy city streets.
The goal is to take freight traffic and transport of dangerous goods, as well as transit traffic in the direction of Belgrade-Pancevo-Vrsac / Zrenjanin, out of the narrower city area of ​​Belgrade and Pancevo to bypass road traffic, in accordance with the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia, the General Plan of the City Belgrade, Spatial and Urban Plan of the City of Pancevo.

Status of the project: 

Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Chinese Power Construction Corporation of China was signed in May 2016.
The preliminary design with the feasibility study was done by the CIP Traffic Institute. Considering that this project also envisages the construction of a section of the bypass, as well as the road-rail bridge on Danube near Vinca, special attention and coordination is needed, two investors of PE "Roads of Serbia" and "Infrastructure of the Railways of Serbia".

Preliminary Design with the Feasibility Study for the bypass line and the Roadway Routes in Sector C (CIP), which were adopted at the Republic’s Review Commission, has been developed. Also, PE "Roads of Serbia" ordered the development of an innovative project for the construction of a road-rail bridge over Danube near Vinca, which should be harmonized with the new Plovput conditions.

Investment value: 

Between 450-500 million euros

Project description: 

Project involves the construction of Bubanj potok-Vinca-Pancevo highway and the electrified single-track railway line Beli Potok-Vinca-Pancevo varos with a road-rail bridge over Danube and railway triangles Zuce-Bubanj potok and Pancevo racetrack - Pancevo varos.

Due to the specificity and connection of the solution of the roads in the common corridor, the most rational solution is the simultaneous construction of both roads with the road-rail bridge over Danube.

The bridge across Danube is a key object, with the possibility of phase construction, which should enable safe operation of road, rail and river traffic. The bridge over Danube consists of a main bridge and access roads for the highway and for the railroad, where the railroad is in the middle of the width of the bridge, and on the outer sides of the railroad there are road traffic lanes.