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Construction of the bridge over Drina - Ljubovija - Bratunac, with access roads and a common border crossing

Project carrier: 

Ministry of construction, transport and infrastructure

Project title: 

Construction of the bridge over Drina - Ljubovija - Bratunac, with access roads and a common border crossing


Republic of Serbia

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Republic of Srpska


 „MBA – Ratko Mitrović civil engineering“ l.l.c. from Belgrade


 „Traffic Institute CIP“ l.l.c. from Belgrade


 „Traffic Institute CIP“ l.l.c. from Belgrade

Technical control: 

„Eurogardi group“ l.l.c. from Novi Sad

„Alpe traffic“ l.l.c. from Belgrade

The significance of the project: 

The goal of realization of this project is to create a new connection on Ljubovija - Bratunac route, in order to improve the traffic capacity and level of services. Within the Border-crossing Program 2007-2013, which defines the possibility of border-crossing cooperation between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, possibilities for further cooperation between the two countries are given, among which are the improvement of cooperation between public (local and regional) stakeholders in the creation of a common policy traffic development planning, improvement of border crossings in order to increase the volume of border crossing and economic cooperation, and reconstruction of roads and improvement of infrastructure. The realization of this project would improve the road infrastructure and economic cooperation of these border areas, as it would enable further investment in the economy and tourism in that region. New investment programs and projects are expected to start on both sides of Drina, which would enable better economic development of the central Podrinje region.

Status of the project: 

The project  funded by the Republic of Serbia has the following status:

Construction of the bridge was completed in September 2017 and the permit was issued in July 2018.

In December 2018, the Ministry handed over the bridge on Drina River and the access road on the Serbian side for use and maintenance to PE "Roads of Serbia".

The Indirect Taxation Authority of B&H has announced a public procurement for the selection of a contractor for the works for the common border crossing point, on the territory of the municipality of Bratunac on 11.01.2019.


Investment value: 

The total investment value is estimated to be around 13 million euros.

Republic of Serbia has invested 683.000.000 RSD in this project.


Start of the project: 

October 20th 2015.

Completion of the project: 

September 20th 2017.

Source of finance: 

Budget of the Republic of Serbia