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Construction of highway E-763 "Milos the Great", section: Pozega-Boljare

Project carrier: 

Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

Project title: 

Construction of highway E-763 "Milos the Great", section: Pozega-Boljare


Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, PE Roads of Serbia

The significance of the project: 

The section of Pozega-Boljare highway connects Serbia and Montenegro, that is, Belgrade and Southern Adriatic, and in a broader context it will connect Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Italy.

Status of the project: 

The Spatial Plan for the Special Purpose Area of Belgrade - Southern Adriatic Infrastructure Corridor is underway, Pozega-Boljare section (the border with Montenegro), E-763 highway. In April 2019, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Dubrovnik on the project of the E-763 highway, "Belgrade - South Adriatic", section Pozega-Boljare. With this memorandum, the Republic of Serbia and People's Republic of China expressed their interest that the project includes cooperation in the design, delivery, construction and financing of construction in the territory of Serbia.

Investment value: 

A preliminary estimate of approximately EUR 1.83 billion

Source of finance: 

The source and funding for the project have not yet been provided

Project description: 

The section of Pozega – Boljare highway, totaling approximately 107 km, is the final section of the E-763 highway.