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Fruska Gora Corridor

Project carrier: 

Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

Project title: 

Fruska Gora Corridor


PE Roads of Serbia
Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure


Institute of Roads a.d. Belgrade (preliminary design)

The significance of the project: 

Creating a connection between Serbia and BiH, Croatia and the wider environment. The construction of the IB - 21 multi-lane road from Novi Sad to Ruma will result in economic, safety, environmental and other effects, as well as a better level of service for road users. Also, the city center of Novi Sad, Ruma and Fruska Gora will be unburdened.

Status of the project: 

The preliminary design for section 2 has been completed and adopted by the Audit Committee, while the preliminary design for sections 1, 3 and 4 is in the process of adoption. A Memorandum of Understanding and a Cooperation Protocol on the construction of Fruska Gora Corridor have been signed with the Chinese company CRBC. Negotiations are underway to conclude a Commercial Design and Contract Agreement.

Investment value: 

Estimated value of 550-600 million euros

Source of finance: 

Budget of the RS for the development of the preliminary design.
Negotiations are underway to provide a source of funding for the completion of project documentation and works

Project description: 
Fruska Gora Corridor is part of Novi Sad - Ruma - Sabac - Loznica - BiH border. This route connects Serbia with Croatia, BiH and the wider environment, as well as Vojvodina with Western Serbia. The route of Fruska Gora Corridor is divided into 4 sections, 47.7 km long, with two significant structures, one of which is a tunnel (7km two pipes) and the other a bridge over Danube, about 1,770 meters long.