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Novi Pazar - Accommodation of Roma families

Project carrier: 

Ministry of construction, transport and infrastructure

Project title: 

Novi Pazar - Accommodation of Roma families


"Negal l.l.c." and "Jadran l.l.c.", PUC Water and Sewerage, Novi Pazar, "Novi Pazar road l.l.c.", “ Sea l.l.c.“

The significance of the project: 

Construction of houses: construction of houses began in early June 2018. Works have been completed.

- Water supply and sewerage: works on infrastructure started in October 2018. Works have been completed.

- Reconstruction of streets: works on infrastructure started in October 2018. The basic deadline for implementation was on February 5th, 2019. With the extension of the project grant, the possibility for extending the deadline for implementation is opened.

- Street lighting: The work is completed.

The coordinator proposed the extension of the grant project to the CFCU for three months (until May 5th, 2019). The extension will mainly be used for the collection of usage permits and connections.

Status of the project: 

Construction of houses: the works envisaged by the project on the construction of nine houses hasbeen completed. The Contractor has provided all supporting documents necessary for obtaining a Usage Permit. The request for connections on the electrical network is submitted to EPS with complete documentation.

- Water supply and sewerage: Contractor "Plumbing and sewerage" Novi Pazar has finished the works and the village of Blazevo is attached to the city water and sewerage network. In addition, two hydrants were installed because there was a need for this, having in mind the recent fires in Novi Pazar and the material from which the houses were built.

- Reconstruction of the streets: the curbs were laid and paved 650 meters of the main road in two layers and preparations were made for the asphalting of the streets in the settlement. Due to weather conditions, the contractor "AD roads" Novi Pazar closed the base and stopped the works. About 65% of works stipulated in the contract have been completed. When the conditions are created, the contractor will continue the work.

Investment value: 

595,920 euros, of which EU grant, and MGSI  506,532 euros

Start of the project: 

October 2018

Completion of the project: 

March 2019

Project description: 
Construction of nine houses for the accommodation of Roma families - value: 16.070.365,99 RSD; contractor: Negal l.l.c. and Jadran l.l.c.

- Construction of infrastructure - water supply and sewerage - value: 12.486.686 RSD; contractor: PUC Water and Sewerage, Novi Pazar;

- Reconstruction of streets in the Roma settlement - value: 29.995.539,71 RSD; contractor: Novi Pazar road l.l.c. ;

- Street lighting installation - value: 1.310.320,00 RSD; contractor: Sea l.l.c.
Level of physical realization: 

Activities at the construction site:

Works on houses and infrastructure have been completed. Utility permits are provided. The date of the official opening of the project is pending.


Planned activities:

The project is completed.

The date of official opening is due.