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Preljina – Pozega

Project carrier: 

Ministry of construction, transport and infrastructure

Project title: 

Preljina – Pozega


PE ''Roads of Serbia“, Belgrade


The commercial contract was signed on November 27th, 2017 with China Communications Construction Company Ltd, Beijing, People's Republic of China

The significance of the project: 

The construction of the E-763 highway (length through Serbia from Belgrade to Boljare, the border with Montenegro is 258 km) will improve the road network of the Republic of Serbia by providing better and safer service, compatible in performance and functionally integrated into Trans-European Transport Network. Corridor 11 will connect Romania, Serbia, Montenegro and Italy. It will run from Timisoara, across Vrsac, pass through Belgrade, and then through Cacak, Pozega, Podgorica to Bar, and then by the sea route across the Adriatic will be connected with Bari in Italy.
The construction of this roadway will lead to a better road connection of Serbia towards Montenegro and Bar port, as the ultimate destination, which will enable Serbia to integrate into container flows and attract international flows of goods and passengers.


In the medium term, there will be an increase in employment related to construction. It will also increase the engagement of domestic enterprises and higher employment of the local population.
The construction of Belgrade-South Adriatic highway contributes not only to the economic development of the society, but also stops negative demographic trends. Better connectivity between undeveloped and devastated areas with developed parts of Serbia, with shorter travel times, less travel costs and greater traffic safety, will enable better living conditions for local population, the development of entrepreneurship and higher standard of living. Also, by building a highway, transit flows from urban urban zones will be diverted, which will relieve urban traffic and reduce pollution in urban areas.

Within the network of international or E roads, Belgrade-South Adriatic road corridor appears as a connecting route E-763, and on a shorter part it coincides with the E-761 route. In the territory of Montenegro, it is included in the main E-roads with E-80 and E-65 markings, through which connections with Italy are realized.

Status of the project: 

The loan application to the Chinese Exim Bank was approved by the Government of the Republic of Serbia on 6th of September 2018 and sent to the other party for action.

Upon the entry into force of the Loan Agreement, an effective Commercial Agreement will become effective and conditions will be created for the start of the realization of this project.

Investment value: 

The value of the contract is 450 million euros

Start of the project: 

Expected beginning of works is during 2019

Completion of the project: 

The contract for the design and execution of works and delivery of equipment, materials and parts has a defined deadline of 36 months, which does not include the period of drafting and adoption of project documentation for a period of six months.

Source of finance: 

Budge of R. Serbia and loan

Project description: 

The highway E-763, section Preljina-Pozega is 31 km and it is divided into three smaller sections:

  • From Preljina to Prijevor along Cemernica River and in the small part of the Western Morava, up to 8.3 km.
    • 15.51 km of paved roads should be paved from Prijevora to Lucani and 20 bridges will be built that will be longer than three kilometers. The construction of Laz tunnel of 1,750 meters was also planned.
    • The third branch from Lucani to Pozega will be stretched for seven kilometers and three bridges, a tunnel of 2,040 meters long, a loop in Lucani and a bridge over the river Bjelica should be built.

Nearly a third of the route on the future highway from Preljina to Pozega is made up of planned bridges and tunnels.