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Sumadija Corridor

Project carrier: 

Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

Project title: 

Sumadija Corridor


PE Roads of Serbia
Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure

The significance of the project: 

The construction of Sumadija corridor will enable the connection of Eastern Serbia with Central and Western Serbia and Corridors E-75 and E-763, ie the link between Lazarevac, Arandjelovac with a branch towards Mladenovac, Topola, Raca, Svilajnac, Despotovac and Bor. Building this path is of strategic importance in connecting local governments, evenly sustainable regional development, etc.

Status of the project: 

Completed the Terms of Reference for the development of the Spatial Plan and Conceptual Design. The preparation of planning and technical documentation follows.

Project description: 
The planned route of Sumadija corridor includes the territories of the municipalities of Sopot, Mladenovac, Lazarevac, Arandjelovac, Poplar, Racan, Lapovo, Velika Plana, Svilajnac, Despotovac and Bor, which are part of Sumadija, Pomoravski and Bor regions. The detailed route will be known later. It is estimated that the length of the planned Sumadija corridor, the so-called highway Vozd Karadjordje, to be approximately 220 km.