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08.07.2020. - 20:34

Mihajlovic with EBRD Director for the Western Balkans, Zsuzsanna Hargitai

07.07.2020. - 09:58

Mihajlovic from Ivanjica to the citizens: We will repair and build everything that was destroyed in the floods

07.07.2020. - 09:48

Mihajlovic in Bajina Basta: Flood damage is three billion dinars, we will fix everything

03.07.2020. - 14:17

Mihajlovic: The economy must not stop, work with all precautions

03.07.2020. - 14:15

Mihajlovic in Ljubovija: Nine billion dinars invested in roads in Macva district

03.07.2020. - 14:10

Mihajlovic: Corona virus caused a health and economic crisis, personal responsibility is important

01.07.2020. - 14:49

Mihajlovic: The EU has opened the borders, but before the trip, check the rules for each country

01.07.2020. - 14:44

Mihajlovic: There are 59 thousand construction sites in Serbia, life must not stop  

01.07.2020. - 14:19

Mihajlovic: As of today, the third international airport is operating in Serbia, "Morava" Airport near Kraljevo

24.06.2020. - 10:15

Mihajlovic: I expect the new government to be even better and more efficient